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In 24 great new technologies and new products, we are at the forefront of technical innovation.

In 24 great new technologies and new products, we are at the forefront of technical innovation.

[Choi Il-gwan, Energy Daily Reporter] On the 23rd, the National Agency for Technology and Standards of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (President Lee Seung-woo) presented 24 new technologies (NET) and new products at The-K Hotel Seoul in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, to approximately 150 representatives and employees of new technology and new product certification companies. (NEP) held a certificate presentation ceremony.

This time, the new technology certified is one that can improve the competitiveness of Korea’s main export products (plasma device manufacturing technology for cleaning dry vacuum pumps for semiconductor processes) as well as one that can reduce social costs and was developed through collaboration between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 12 (For example, pavement road surface degradation technique that incorporates a drum blade).

Regarding new technology certification, Plan Co., Ltd. (CEO In-cheol Lee)’s plasma device manufacturing technology for cleaning dry vacuum pumps for semiconductor processes is a TCP (Transformer Coupled Plasma) type plasma generator that uses a ferrite core to automatically increase the density of the barrier.

To treat process by-products, it is mounted inside a dry vacuum pump system with a capacity of up to 100,000 L/min utilized in the harsh process of semiconductor, LCD, and OLED manufacturing deposition processes.

The road surface (asphalt) cutting process and the pavement crushing process are coupled in the case of paved road pavement technology employing integrated drum blades, such as DTS (CEO Song Young-cheol), Eden Company (CEO Kim Dong-hyun), and Daebak Construction Co., Ltd. (CEO Roh Jeong-bok). It is feasible to work by properly differentiating the boundary between the road surface to be fixed and the road surface not to be repaired using the technology and the procedure.

As a result, economic cost reduction impacts such as reducing construction expenses, shortening the construction period, streamlining the process, and regulating traffic generated by maintenance work are predicted.

Furthermore, certified new products are products with security-related innovation (indoor face recognition terminal using near-infrared rays (1,000 25,000 lux)) and waste treatment products, which is a recent social issue (with technology to prevent string and foreign substances from curling and to adjust the shaft spacing). These are 12 products created by small and medium-sized firms, including a domestic recycling garbage excavator with a processing capacity of 12 tons per hour.

Suprema Co., Ltd. (CEO Song Bong-seop, Moon Young-soo) has a patent for external light control technology and face template augmentation that can recognize faces in an exterior environment within 25,000 lux and has an indoor face recognition terminal (1000 25,000 lux) using near-infrared rays. Face authentication is possible in both indoor and outdoor settings with this technology.

The waste shredder for household recycling from Dawon Industrial Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Jae-man) has a processing capacity of 12 tons per hour and is equipped with technology to avoid curling of strings and foreign substances as well as control shaft spacing.

The new technology/new product certification system recognizes an excellent technology developed for the first time in Korea as a new technology (NET) and a product commercialized by implementing the new technology as a new product (NEP). You can get market support benefits by purchasing, for example, and you can get preferential treatment when applying for financial aid and government R&D programs.

Indeed, the total amount of new product (NEP) certified items acquired by public institutions last year reached 209.8 billion won, with an average purchase amount of 2.1 billion won per product, contributing to the early market development of new products by SMEs.

Furthermore, domestic enterprises that hire technology administrators to obtain new technology (NET) and new product (NEP) certification produce excellent jobs.

In a congratulatory speech, Lee Seung-woo, Director of the National Institute of Technology and Standards, encouraged CEOs and employees of companies that developed new technologies and new products and obtained certification, while expanding support for more innovative technologies and products to receive New Technology (NET) and New Product (NEP) certification. It stated that it will help increase sales and job creation for start-ups in the field, as well as boost assistance for certified companies, so that Korean companies can grow into world-class companies through technological innovation.

Energy Daily ( is the source.

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