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DTS Diamond Power

Superior grinding efficiency thanks to the diamond surface’s fine protrusions.

The Tool Material Should Have Basic Perfomance

The physical, mechanical, and cutting performance of a wide variety of novel tool materials have all been significantly enhanced as a result of the rapid development of tool materials, and the field of application has continuously extended as a result of this.

The choice of tool material has a significant impact on the amount of time the tool will last, as well as the quantity, quality, and cost of the machining process. The tools used for cutting are subjected to extreme conditions including high pressure, high temperature, friction, shock, and vibration. As a result, the material used in the tool should have the following fundamental performances:

Tool materials must be harder than workpiece materials, usually above 60HRC, for hardness and wear resistance.
Tool hardness increases wear resistance.

Strength and toughness, the tool material must be strong and tough to endure cutting power, impact, vibration, and brittle fracture and chipping.

Heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and high cutting temperatures are beneficial for the tool material.

The tool material should have high forging, heat treatment, welding, grinding, and performance-price ratios for process efficiency and economics.

Manufacture Facility

Equipment Specification Qty Note
Elevator box 400W x 400D x 1130H 2 Manufacturing Equipment
Diamond, Powder setting machine 1000 x 600 4 Diamond setting equipment
Hot press 200TON Hot press 1 Sintering equipment
Hot press 100TON Hot press 2 Sintering equipment
Press plastic method 50TON Molding press 2 Molding press
Universal forming, Cylindrical grinder 1200 x 2000 x 1200H 2 Product processing
Tumbler mixer 50L 2 Powder, dia mixing
Ultrasonic cleaner 400 x 400 2 Shank and product washer
Ball mill 100L Ball mill 1 Metal powder mixer
Marking machine 200 x 200 1 Product laser marking
Various auxiliary equipment Turning board, Lift, Dry maintenance, etc.   Production Auxiliary Equipment
Various measuring instruments Microscope, Micro, etc.   Auxiliary jig

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