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Notes from the CEO No. 1: The Story of Youth Entrepreneurship

Notes from the CEO No. 1: The Story of Youth Entrepreneurship

Hope and courage to all young entrepreneurs around the world!

| Chapter 1 | ICT Entrepreneurship Creates New Opportunities
The ability of a challenge can alter the course of history! Viva Republica Co., Ltd. CEO Lee Seung-gun leads the fintech business.
Changing the house-hunting formula_ Ahn Seong-woo, CEO of Jikbang Co., Ltd.
Responsible asset management over customer concerns_ Kim Tae-hoon, Rainist Co., Ltd.
With the 0.84mm smart multi card, you can change your payment method! Brilliants Co., Ltd. CEO Jaehoon Bae.
Using autonomous drones to innovate in the industrial field_ Choi Jae-hyeok, CEO of Nearth Lab Co., Ltd.
Smart inventory management benefits the entire world!_ Choi Seung-hyuk, CEO of Inpro Co., Ltd.

| Chapter 2 | Accumulated technology is the cornerstone to a successful start-up.
Extending the scope of healthcare through never-ending obstacles Jung-Won Ryu, CEO of Healcerion Co., Ltd.
To ensure the safety of all pedestrians across the world_Kim Gu-hyun, CEO of ITOPS AUTOMOTIVE Co., Ltd.
Jang Uk-jin, CEO of Jin’s Lab Co., Ltd._ Jang Uk-jin, CEO of Jin’s Lab Co., Ltd.
True innovation occurs in the traditional industry.Woo Jong-wook, Stronghold Technology Co., Ltd.
A Scanning Electron Microscope Captures a Life of Possibilities and Opportunities_ Jeon Jeong-beom, CEO of Mcrafts Co., Ltd.
Korean entrepreneurs’ potential is shining brightly all over the world!_ Dongmin Kim, CEO of DM Light Co., Ltd.

| Chapter 3 | Innovation and entrepreneurship Hallyu begins.
Ntrium Co., Ltd. is on its way to becoming the world’s leading high-tech materials firm, according to CEO Jeong Se-young.
By inventing new materials, we can become more powerful_ Lee Jong-soo, CEO of Green Resources Co., Ltd.
Create ‘new value’ in the current market!Hyeoncheol Lee, CEO of Hwajin Industry Co., Ltd. Park Seon-woo, CEO of VI Tech Co., Ltd., takes on a new challenge to become an energy-saving corporation.
A two-year relationships that has laid the groundwork for 100 years of hope Song Young-chul, CEO of DTS

| Chapter 4 | A future megatrend setter armed with excellent ideas.
Kwon Oh-hyun, CEO of Haejum Co., Ltd., is a renewable energy pioneer who began with a solar map.
We will paint happiness on people’s skins all around the world_ Cheon Se-won, CEO of Numen Bio Co., Ltd.
A new realm of entertainment developed via the combination of fun and technology_Jongchan Lee, CEO of Motion Device Co., Ltd.
Upcycling has the ability to rival any premium brand_ Yihyeon Choi, CEO of Moredan Co., Ltd.
Aim for multi-platform with one source!_ CEO Son Dae-gyun of Krispy Co., Ltd.
Byung-yeol Kim, CEO of Firekim Co., Ltd., dreams of a world without fire.

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